In my life there are many issues (depression, stress, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Physical disabilities, etc.), but I hope that I can bring hope to others that have to deal with their own issues. From one person that is suffering with mental illness, I hope to break free of my dark cloud to offer help to others.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life sucks rant

My life sucks...your life sucks. In some not-so-famous words "get over it". I wonder what happens when you die...survey says...."you get out". I know this sounds a bit morbid but this is where my train of thought is that past few days. Between bills, work issues, and family issues (kids that can not seem to stay out of the operating room) my life has came at me in full speed. It seems like I am in a black hole that keep getting deeper and deeper. I am trying to rise up and put a smile on my face, but it is very hard sometimes. Oh yeah, I forgot my car breaks down every few days. Let's put another thing on the Life Sucks List. Everything is dark and deep. Perhaps, I am showing my depressed attitude in an outward way without realizing it. Maybe-just maybe- I am not hiding it as well as I think that I am (hence the post...let's get it out in the open). I don't know how to make things any better. I don't know where to go from here. I don't know what evil sucky thing is behind the corner for me to see. I pray to God that he sees my suffering and helps in someway. I pray for a miracle that I don't know if it will come. Very few times in my life have I got down on bended knees and asked for help from a higher power. I know there are others out there with a worse life then mine. I know that things always seem darker then what they are. I try to hold on to hope one way or another. When the dark depths of Depression take a hold of your inner monologue then you see nothing but despair. 

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